Brooke Kinsella, ex-EastEnders star, announces that she is pregnant with her second child


Brooke Kinsella, the star of EastEnders has announced that she is expecting her second child with Simon Boardley

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Brooke Kinsella is awestruck by Elsie, her baby girl.

Brooke Kinsella is expecting her second child.

The EastEnders former star shared the good news that she was pregnant with her second child.

The 38-year-old shares Elsie, an 18-month old daughter, with Simon Boardley (43)

“It’s all kisses for now … Here we go again Simon Boardley,”She told OK! magazine.

Brooke married Elsie in 2017 after they tied the knot. Brooke never made any secret of her desire to have a little sister or brother for Elsie. Elsie was conceived in September 2020.

She has previously stated that she had told the mag: “I come from a really big family and I’m so close to my siblings. Having someone to go through life with is really important and I’d love to give Elsie that. There’s plenty of room in our home for another little one.

“We’re not getting any younger, so obviously we need to think about these things, but I’m not in a rush.

“I want to enjoy Elsie as a first-time mum and give her all the love and support that she needs. We’ll leave it up to the universe and see what happens.”

Brooke is also known for her founding of the Ben Kinsella Trust. This was in memory and honor of her younger brother, who was tragically knifed to death at 16 years old.

The actress received an MBE for her charitable work. Elsie has spoken out of her regret that she will never have a close relationship with her uncle.

Once she said: “It’s a double-edged sword. Being Elsie’s mum is everything I’ve ever wanted, but on the other hand I can’t help but think about everyone who isn’t here to meet her. For me, the main person missing out is Ben.

“Obviously, I love Elsie more than anything and having loved Ben so much as well it’s heartbreaking to know the two of them will never get the chance to meet.”

And little Elsie is also a reminder of Ben, as Brooke said during an appearance on Loose Women last year that her little girl resembled her late uncle.

She said she felt Ben’s presence from the moment she realised she was pregnant, saying: “The word Ben appeared on my Clearblue packet as soon as I purchased it. He was making his presence known.

“Losing a sibling… who was one of my best friends… was hard. The thought of losing a child is utterly horrendous. Now I know what there is to lose, it broke my heart all over again.”

Brooke returned to EastEnders as a different role in 2018, helping to research knife crime. Brooke helped to create a storyline where Shakil Kazemi was stabbed and killed by a gang member.