Brooklyn Subway Shooting: Witness describes Passengers fleeing a smoke-filled train after gunfire.


Sam Carcamo watched as terrified passengers poured from the smoke-filled train, after it pulled into a Brooklyn station.

“I saw fear in some of the people’s faces. Someone was crawling cause they had fallen over. People are screaming, running towards me,”Inside Edition: Carcamo

The 35-year-old post-production engineer says he was about to transfer from a local to an express train at 36th Street in Sunset Park, when a gunman detonated smoke bombs and opened fire on passengers inside a moving train, according to witnesses and police.

Ten people were wounded and nine were shot.

The shooting took place on Tuesday morning rush hour when the N train was heading to Manhattan. It was jammed with commuters. Some passengers attempted to escape into the next car but the door was locked.

The horror of what had happened was evident as soon as the train arrived at the station. 

“I started moving forward, and I see there’s a guy in a pool of blood, just pooling around him. There’s some dude sitting next to him. Someone started screaming about it not being worth risking your life to get a video,” Carcamo said. 

One victim began screaming that he felt dead. Carcamo stated that he realized he was being shot and looked down to see his pants covered in blood. 

Transit workers started moving passengers back onto the local R train that was also at the station, according to Carcamo. They rode the train up to 25th Street.

“That’s when we started to realize that all the people who got shot at 36th Street, we pulled them onto the train with us. So we have people who are just bleeding all over themselves. So we get everyone together in a single car,” Carcamo said. 

Bystanders helped the injured by getting off the train. Images shared on social media show some of those injured lying on the platform. One man used his sweater to make a tourniquet. A man was seen inside the train putting pressure on a gunshot wound.

Carcamo stated that first responders arrived on 25th Street to treat the injured.

The gunman was wearing a gas mask and green construction vest, according to reports. He also wore a gray hoodie.