Bruno Tonioli Tumbles Over His Chair That Has Claimed The Laughter Of Many Before


Dancing With the Stars judges continue falling out of their chairs. On Monday night, Bruno Tonioli took a tumble while Carrie Ann Inaba tried to critique The Bachelor star Matt James and Lindsay Arnold’s performance.

This wasn’t the first time this has happened, and thankfully Tonioli laughed it off. However, it does lead one to wonder why their chairs haven’t been redesigned yet.

James and Arnold performed a Tango to “Scream & Shout,” which Spears originally recorded with Judges Len Goodman and Tonioli were both impressed with the performance, with Tonioli even dancing a little bit after he derived his critique.

As he did his own little dance, swinging his chair from side to side, Inaba tried to give her critique. As she was speaking, a sudden “thud” could be heard. That was Tonioli falling off his chair.

“Bruno, did you just fall off your chair?” Inaba asked. Tonioli then started laughing hysterically as he got up, proving he was doing OK. “Bruno, was that an accident? What the hell just happened?” host Tyra Banks wondered. Afterward, the judges gave James and Arnold a 20/30. The duo also survived the fan vote and will compete in the Disney Night special next week.

Tonioli also fell out of his chair back in September 2017 after Property Brothers star Drew Scott and his dance partner, Emma Slater performed. While Inaba was trying to critique them, Tonioli began laughing so hard, he fell backward. “I knew that was gonna happen,” he said as he got up. “You know you’ve done something magical when Bruno falls off his chair,” Inaba added.

During the 2019 season’s Disney Night, Inaba took a tumble herself after The Office star Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov performed. Inaba pointed out that a broom from the performance was still on the dance floor, then missed her chair when she went to sit down.

“One judge down,” Goodman yelled. Inaba had some good fun with the situation, joking on Instagram, “Ummm… so THAT happened. #fall. I don’t think anyone saw it so Let’s just keep it between you and me.”

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