Bryce Dallas Howard before Her Big Break. See The Photos


However Bryce Dallas HowardShe is the daughter of a Hollywood legend (her father was Happy DaysStar turned director Ron HowardHowever, she had to make her living and continue to work her way up to the top. It was a difficult road but Bryce is now a celebrity because of some fortunate breaks she had along the way. 

How Bryce Dallas Howard got her big break

Bryce Dallas Howard’s beautiful face and color make everyone stop when she enters a room. There’s no denying the talented actress and mom-of-two has the kind of “it factor”Bryce is an actor that most aspiring actors dream of. It has nothing to do her famous relatives. Though you can’t quite say Bryce comes from humble beginnings, she proved that she wasn’t going to rest on her family’s name to get to where she wanted to be.

Before she was in Star Trek with Chris Pratt, Jurassic WorldHoward began her acting career at the stage. Her parents Ron and Cheryl were reluctant to let the glint and glitz of Hollywood affect their kids as they grew up, so Howard and her three other siblings weren’t allowed access to TV. Instead, they were encouraged not to watch TV but to have other hobbies and to spend time outside. 

Howard, despite being pushed by her parents in other directions from an early age was drawn to acting and her father could see it. Perhaps that’s why he allowed her, at 7 years old, to be an extra in his films. After graduating from high school, Howard developed her acting skills at NYU and honed her talents at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s school in Chicago. 

Howard opted to not jump into television or movies right away and instead concentrated on the stage, being cast in several New York City theatre productions. It was at one of these productions that Howard saw the William Shakespeare comedy. It is what you likeHoward was attracted to her role as Rosalind in the film by M. Night Shyamalan. 

Howard, Breakout Star

She was cast by the acclaimed director in his film, Village. In it, Howard played the blind daughter of the chief and fellow lead actor Joaquin Phoenix’s love interest. Though the film was panned by reviewers, Howard’s performance in it garnered praise and led to more box office winners for the redheaded stunner. Shyamalan was so happy to work with her. The VillageHoward was also cast in another movie. Lady In The WaterShe was starred alongside Paul Giamatti at the film.

Bryce Dallas Howard, before her big break

As they say, the rest is history. Howard continues to impress both critics and audiences with her performances and has now taken a note from her father’s book and begun dabbling in directorial work. Howard’s potential is limitless. It’s amazing that she was once this fresh-faced girl making a name for herself on the stage. Is there any medium of entertainment she can’t conquer? 

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