Bryce Hall, TikTok’s star, offers to take on former One Direction singer Liam Payne


Hall lost to Austin McBroom last year in a fight. He is now looking for a celebrity to help him with his ring return.

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Bryce Hall, TikTok’s star, wants to box again after losing his debut in July. He has also called out Liam Payne, a former One Direction singer.

Logan Paul interviewed Payne during an appearance. ImpaulsivePodcast that he would love to fight, naming Justin Bieber and KSI as potential opponents. Fans suggested Hall as an option, and he decided to go with it in order to make a big money fight.

Hall defeated YouTube star Austin McBroom in Miami last year, but was eventually stopped in round three. However, he is determined to return to action. He called out British YouTuber Deji.

Hall could not fight Payne because he has sold 26million records since his departure in 2015 and received more than 6billion streams. Hall expressed his interest in the fight via Twitter after fans suggested that he face off against the Wolverhampton native.

One fan shared an old clip of Tana Mongeau supporting Hall at his last bout. He captioned the clip “Me when Liam is set to fight Bryce Hall”. The Tik Tok Star responded by asking his followers not to re-post her famously meme-worthy quote “even the paparazzi on Team Brycre”.

He tweeted his interest and said, “F*** it, I’m down to fight Liam Payne”The singer was pictured here with Maya Henry, her ex-girlfriend. Henry also showed her support for Payne on her Tik Tok account. She posted a video in which she mimics Mongaeu’s famous quote. Hall responded by tagging Payne. “so does this mean we have to fight now?”

Hall was also created There are many Tik Tok videos.He also declared that he would perform the song ‘Sign of the Times’ by his ex-bandmate Harry Styles in a possible fight. He also declared “I guess this is happening”In a video with Henry’s, he showed off tee-shirts that he made and Josh Richards to promote the bout.

In a boxing match, who would you rather be matched against: Liam Payne (or Bryce Hall)? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below!

“If there is a chance for me to jump in the ring and feel gladiatorial in the 21st century I am in,” Logan Paul was told by PayneDuring his podcast appearance. His comments about ex-bandmates Zayn Maki and Louis Tomlinson drew criticism.

“I love boxing as a sport and I think it’s fantastic. I would just enjoy the challenge and the road up to it would be great. Yeah I would fight KSI he would have to come down a few weight slots. But yeah I’d fight him. I like him too much though.

“I will fight for you. But Justin Bieber wouldn’t do it. Just as I wouldn’t fight Trippie Redd if it were me, so I don’t think Justin Bieber is on my level. If he wanted to, I would.

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