BTK shares details about murder in the Confession of a Serial Killer Clip


Get ready to be amazed at the inner workings of a serial murderer’s mind.

A&E’s new documentary, BTK: Confessions of a Serial Killer premieres Jan. 8 and 9, and so far, it looks creepy AF. E! Exclusive clip from E! Dennis RaderBTK, also known as ‘BTK’, gives details about the murder of one his victims. Nancy Fox, in a never-before-heard conversation with professor of Forensic Psychology, Dr. Katherine Ramsland.

“You enjoy the look of fear on your victim’s face?”In the clip, Ramsland questions Rader

“Well, yes.”Rader’s response. Rader replies, “It’s kind of a sexual arousal. Fox and the rest of Fox were great. She was very understanding and even though she looked down, it was just her idea. It was all that I needed. 

“It’s like my mom when her finger was caught in that couch,”He continued. “She was struggling.”

The clip features one of the interviewees explaining what happened to Rader while Fox was being murdered by him. “As he was setting a straddle of her, he leaned over and whispered in her ear ‘I’m BTK, I’m a bad dude,’ he explains in the video “This was the second scene in which DNA was discovered…on a nightgown that was at the head of her mattress.”