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Freya had eight puppies when Freya adopted Freya’s pup. At first, it was feared Freya would still be born. However, she soon began to act normally and has continued to thrive ever since.

A bulldog gave birth a miracle puppy with bright-green fur.

Audra and Trevor Mosher were worried after seeing the unusual colour of the pup. They initially thought she was stillborn, but then they realized the worst.

Freya gave birth to Freya and her eight children in Canada. She began acting normally after that and has continued to thrive ever since.

The pup’s health was good and she started his life without any problems. The green color of her eyes is due to an unusual process that occurred in the womb.

Trevor told Global News : “We started to dry her off and noticed she was green and immediately again thought there was something wrong.

“So we googled it, ‘my puppy is green, what’s wrong,’ and apparently it is very rare and it has happened a few times all over the world.”

When Freya had gone into labour again it was much different from the other births.

A black sac surrounded the puppy’s body compared to her her siblings, who were all surrounded by translucent sacs.

The couple at first thought something was wrong and believed that the puppy was stillborn.

After she was born Trevor cleaned Freya with hot soap and water while her mother began goy used to the new litter.

Suddenly, Freya went into labour again. This time looking much different.

A black sac covered the body of the puppy, unlike her siblings, who were all in translucent sacs.

The couple thought something was badly wrong and were concerned about her appearance.

The Silver Screen Beat reports that the rare discolouration of her fur is thought to come from a green pigment found in the bile inside the sac.

Trevor was “Be amazed” by the rare event and was “It was a great privilege to be there and have the opportunity to witness it.”, revealing that he is now working with his wife to come up with a name for the special puppy.

Current favourites suggested by friends on Facebook include Fiona, in tribute to Shrek’s sweetheart princess, as well as Wasabi, Hulkette and Pistachio.

Unfortunately, her fur is expected to fade into a normal colour as she grows older losing its green appearance..

Dr. Bronwyn Crane, a veterinary reproduction specialist from the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada.

Experts believe the believed the probability of a dog being born green was less than one in 10,000.

Global News reports that since the puppy’s birth, the green pigment has faded significantly and will continue to do until she is older.

Trevor posted about his green pup on his Facebook account, asking for recommendations on what to call the unnamed canine.

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