Bus drivers, school food workers, and retired teachers are asked to enter classrooms during the Omicron Wave


Every day, COVID-19 is being diagnosed in more than half of the US. This has led to huge staff shortages in nearly every industry.   

Everyone knows someone with COVID-19 at the moment, which includes many well-known individuals.

“Today”Hoda Koutb, TV host, was among the many TV personalities who were infected with the virus. “Fox and Friends”Steve Doocey, host of the show, was on the air again Thursday following a bout against COVID. He sounds like he’s still recovering.

“It pretty much went through our whole family. I got it. my wife got it,”Doocey stated.

His son, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocey was also positive. 

John Mayer, the musician, has also announced that he has COVID-19. All upcoming concerts have been cancelled. 

Omicron surge is causing a national panic. “sick out”It’s affecting all areas of American life. Hundreds of stores and restaurants have been forced to cut back on their hours  or close altogether.

“Restaurants are in panic mode right now, because they don’t have enough staff to open restaurants on time or serve people as they would like to,”Cheryl Casone, Fox Business Network correspondent, said.

Rachel Wyman, the owner of Montclair Bread in New Jersey, said that she had to close her bakery after a quarter of her employees tested positive for COVID-19. Since then, it has been reopened.

“We’ve fought so hard for the last two years. We didn’t close at all. And then this hits and it’s just crippling,” Wyman said.

Schools also face difficulties.

A staggering 1,700 teachers were called in sick to Miami on Thursday. It was all hands on deck — even the district superintendent filled in as a substitute science teacher. 

In Michigan, food workers and school bus drivers are stepping in to supervise classes.

Casone explained that New Jersey offers retired teachers their retirement pay and a salary if they return in the classroom.

The rise in cases is also affecting professional sport. 

According to reports, the NFL has a contingency plan for the unlikely scenario that they need to move the Super Bowl from Los Angeles next month. One possible backup site is AT&T stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

According to the World Health Organization, Thursday’s report showed that there were a record 9.5 million COVID-19 cases worldwide in the past week.