Buzz Lightyear’s stuffed cat sidekick “Sox” was launched into orbit by the UK before it crashed landed in UK


After a successful trip to “infinity and beyond”, Sox successfully parachuted back to earth. They landed in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

From the Peak District, a stuffed toy from Lightyear has been launched into space.

Buzz Lightyear’s toy robot cat Sox traveled beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to return to Lincolnshire.

Showcase Cinemas performed the stunt to celebrate the new release of Pixar and Disney’s new animated films. “Lightyear” movie, Manchester Evening News reports.

Sox was taken into space by what appeared to be an inflatable propelled balloon. He traveled up to 250 mph through Earth’s atmosphere.

Incredible images of the toy floating at around 130,000 feet above Earth were captured in crisp 4k detail. Sox succeeded in the flight. Parachuted back down to Earth, landing in Spalding (Lincolnshire).

The Toy Story spin-off film “Lightyear”The film was released June 17, and stars a star-studded voice cast, including Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear and James Brolin playing Emperor Zurg. Bill Hader plays Featheringhamstan.

Peter Sohn, animator and voice artist, plays Sox. Tim Peake, British astronaut, also makes an appearance.

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Mark Barlow, UK General Manager for Showcase Cinemas, stated: “The new Lightyear film promises to be a favourite this year, following the iconic character that has become much-loved by families across the world.

“To celebrate this, we wanted to do something ‘out of this world’, so what better way than sending the toy version of Sox to infinity and beyond? We can’t wait to welcome visitors to our cinemas to see one of our favourite animated characters of all time back on the big screen, in his very own origin story”.

Members of the public can now win the spacefaring Sox toys – more details on how to enter are available at the Showcase Cinemas UK facebook page.