C.W. McCall, ‘Convoy’ Singer, Dead at 93


The voice behind 1975’s huge hit “Convoy”Has died. C.W. McCall, 93, died on Friday after a long battle with cancer. McCall, realname Bill Fries, created his Omaha advertising wizard persona in 1973 for an advertisement for Old Home Bread.

DeadlineMcCall broke his own heart as an individual after the ad won him a Clio. “outlaw trucker.”His success with “Convoy,”The singer had many hits between 1974 and 1978, including “Old Home Filler-Up an’ Keep On-a-Truckin’ Cafe,” “Wolf Creek Pass,” “Classified,”And “Roses for Mama.”

“I wanted to name the truck driver something that would be easily remembered. A lot of the truckers wore initials on their shirts,” McCall Bob Barry, MilwaukeeAccording to Rolling Stone, it is. “We thought it was sort of a country-western sounding track, so that’s where the C.W. came from.”

“Convoy”The success of CB radio was due to its ability to tap into the controversy at the same time. Rolling StoneIn order to turn, there was a 1973 gas shortage, long lines, and an attempt to adopt a blanket 55 MPH speed limit for highways. “Convoy”McCall’s turned it into a protest song “Rubber Duck”To be a folk hero on the road,

Sam Peckinpah made a 1978 film that was based on the song. It had the same name. McCall spoke out about the film You can also visit The Bigfoot Diaries blog.We noted that the song was a big hit and the movie was in the making, but the film lost its momentum due to Burt Reynolds’ classic.

“Convoy’ changed my life drastically,”The singer stated this in 2011. “We did the five albums, and of course the Greatest Hits album. In 1978, a film company wanted to make a film called Convoy. We had to write new lyrics to the original song to fit the movie script… [But] Smokey and the Bandit came out before that and got all the attention as far as the CB radio thing.”

McCall was last interviewed in February on the Drew and Mike Show podcast. Taste of Country reports that McCall called from hospice to share his battle with cancer and praise Freedom Convoy’s use of the song in Canada. “I’m battling cancer. We have a deal here now where I can have nurses on-call at home. I don’t have to go to hospitals. It’s a hospice service here locally from Montrose, Colo,”McCall provided clarifications about his situation. McCall also clarified that he was. “energized and enthusiastic”More “Convoy”With the Freedom Convoy, the Freedom Convoy made a comeback to popular culture. However, it appeared that the song was making a comeback rather than the protest’s motives.

It doesn’t matter what, McCall left a lasting impression on American culture and helped to capture a moment in American history. Rest in peace, outlaw trucker.

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