Caelynn Miller Keyes & Dean Unglert Changing Last names upon Marrying


Dean Unglert Caelynn Miller-KeyesAre taking on a sentimental lastname. 

Caelynn revealed during a Q&A on her Instagram Stories Oct. 30 that she and Dean are changing their last name once they tie the knot. The Bachelor alum shared, “We’ll both be changing our last name to Bell!” 

Caelynn, in a follow up, explained the significance of Caelynn’s name, noting: “Bell is Dean’s mom’s maiden name.” 

The sweet name change news comes just a week after the couple got engaged after more than three years of dating, with Dean popping the question on Kauai Island in Hawaii Oct. 24. A few days later, on October 29, he shared an array of photosFrom the beach to Instagram: Writing, “under promise. over deliver. 10.24.22.”

Season 6 of the TV series aired Dean and Caelynn. Bachelor in Paradise in 2019, getting off to a rocky start with Dean initially ending their relationship on the beach before ultimately returning to win the 27-year old back.

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