Caitlyn Jenner: In Health Crisis, Looking For Plastic Surgery?


It is Caitlyn JennerJenner is undergoing plastic surgery to correct her crooked jaw. Jenner, according to one tabloid, is “slobbering like a Saint Bernard”frantically seeking medical attention. Here’s what we know about her allegedly critical jaw surgery.

Caitlyn Jenner ‘Spitting Mad About Drooly Mouth’?

This week, National Enquirer Caitlyn Jenner, a former Olympic athlete, is desperate to fix her poor jaw. The former Olympic athlete has difficulty controlling her saliva and requires medical attention immediately. “Cait’s bad bite needs a new alignment and she’s going to have her jaw clamped and straightened,”Insider source recipes “She’s been slurring her words, drooling and spitting — although not on purpose — and people are noticing.”

Jenner’s gender transition cosmetic procedures may have caused her jaw misalignment. “It seems Cait’s facial feminization surgery, where bones were removed or inserted, got things out of whack with her jaw,”This is what the source says. “Besides that, the stress of her losing campaign for California governor, plus eating junk food and candy, hasn’t helped. All that’s given her a mouthful of pain like teeth grinding, TMJ pain, and canker sores.”

But a surgery like that isn’t for the faint of heart. “The surgery will be agonizing but Cait’s already in a lot of pain and there are few parts of her body that haven’t been operated on, so it will be well worth it. She’s been meaning to transform her teeth since becoming a woman and get some veneers or dental contouring to feminize her smile. She may kill two birds with one stone by getting all of it done at once!”

Caitlyn Jenner In ‘Dental Distress’?

Jenner is only insulted in this report. Jenner is called “a” by the magazine. “sex-swapper,” “Saint Bernard,” “reality TV reject.” This tabloid never had any concern or insight into Jenner’s health. There’s no evidence to suggest Jenner is suffering from jaw pain or is having any trouble controlling her saliva. This story is clearly fabricated to embarrass Jenner.

Jenner had her facial feminization procedure over six years ago. If she really was in excruciating pain every day from the results, we’re sure she would have addressed the issue sooner. Despite the outlet’s poor attempt to shame Jenner for her transition, she seems happy with the results. You can read the Five-year anniversary of her Transition, Jenner toldPeople. “I have no regrets,”Addition “When I wake up in the morning, I’m happy with myself.” We’re glad Jenner isn’t too shaken by the tabloids’ smear campaign against her.

The Tabloid on Caitlyn Jenner

This is not the first time this has happened. National Enquirer Jenner was misinformation. The tabloid claimed that Jenner ran for Governor of California in order to retaliate against the Kardashians. Jenner felt betrayed after the Kardashians refused her campaign donations, according to the tabloid. Jenner was also reported by the magazine as needing to get rehab after her disastrous campaign ended. It’s obvious the Inquire Jenner has it all.