California Distillery Reduces Food Waste: Vodka Made from Ex-Bread


Ever imagine bread could grow up to be vodka? Whit Rigali, Misadventure Vodka.

“Anything in a grocery store bakery aisle, we can turn to vodka,” he revealed.

“Baked goods is just a resource like anything else. It’s made from starches and sugars, which are the building blocks to making all alcohol.”

CBS News’ Rigali said that he and Samuel Chereskin founded Misadventure Vodka in response to America’s problems with food waste. 

The San Diego-based distillery receives expired sweets and bread from a food bank. These foods cannot be served because they are too old. “use-by”Date

Misadventure vodka, the first carbon-negative spirit in the world, claims the bread can still be made into alcohol.

“With our process, some of the vanilla extracts come through,”Rigali explains. “And so there’s a subtle, sweet note with that vanilla.” 

According to the company, each batch of vodka saves approximately 1,000 pounds of food waste from landfills.

The USDA says that even though 1 in 6 American children suffer from food insecurity, “food waste is estimated at between 30-40 percent of the food supply.”

It was amazing to think that cocktails with friends can have a positive impact on the environment.

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