California Horseman Suspected of Driving Under the Influence


Whittier, California: A man was arrested for DUI while riding a horse. Fox 10 reported.

Police say that the suspect rode the horse while drunk. “galloping through traffic”And “refusing to pull the horse over” during the October 16 incident, Fox 10 reported.

The person on horseback gave chase, leading cops on a pursuit as if it were a scene out of a western, CBS News reported.

CBS News reported that the suspect was eventually taken into police custody. CBS News reported that the horse was then brought to the station by the cops where it received lots love from the force.

Whittier Police Dept. After the arrest, the Whittier Police Dept. posted images of the horse on Instagram along with the caption that read: “An intoxicated person on a horse, galloping through traffic… refusing to pull the horse over….that was our afternoon. A 🚔 pursuit after a DUI on a 🐴 horse! At the conclusion, a suspect was taken into custody and the horse was brought to our station, where it received lots of ❤️ from our team.”

The identity of the suspect intoxicated person has not been released.

Inside Edition Digital reached out for comment to Whittier Police Department, but has yet to hear back.


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