California Jewelry Store Staff Takes On 6 Suspects Trying to Pull Off Smash and Grab Robbery: Report


When would-be thieves tried raiding a California jewelry store, they were met with employees who decided to fight back.

Video provided to KCBS-TV shows how the staff at St Vincent Jewelry Center in Beverly Hills reacted when six people entered the store and reportedly started smashing glass cases.

Not only did they push the cases to protect themselves, they started throwing things at the alleged thieves, who according to the general manager, didn’t get away with any merchandise.

“The majority of our tenants have the kind of glass that you can’t break so they were not successful,” said Nejdeh Avedian, who told KCBS the store is run by a family who depends on their income to support three generations.

“So, they’re not gonna just sit there and let people take all this jewelry without doing anything,” Avedian said.

While a suspect was reportedly detained by security guards and arrested by the LAPD, Avedian added that incidents like this are all too common in Los Angeles.

With a staff willing to fight back if they need to, it seems these suspects picked the wrong store. 

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