California Man Drives off Highway 1 Cliff into the Ocean After Cop Notices Skid Marks


A driver in California was rescued after his car flew off a cliff along Highway 1 and dove into the Pacific Ocean Thursday morning. After noticing new skid marks on Highway 1, a California Highway Patrol officer was driving along the same road as the victim shortly after the accident, authorities stated.

“It was pretty incredible,”Cpt. Bryan Pineau stated this in a Cal Fire San Mateo–Santa Cruz Unit statement.

Most likely, the driver drove over the cliff at 8 a.m. on that morning. KCBS reported. According to authorities, after his car skidded off of the road and crashed into the ocean, the driver managed somehow to climb out of the vehicle onto the cliff.

Pineau stated that the driver was trying to climb the cliff by himself, grasping onto rocks. The officer noticed the skid marks and noticed Pineau about 30 minutes later. The officer advised him to stay put and called for help.

“When he went over the cliff, he must have climbed out and was able to successfully get out alive,” Pineau said. “We set up a rope system where we went down and rescued him successfully.”

Rescuers were able belay the driver and bring him to safety.

The driver is in stable health and the car was not occupied by anyone else when it flew off of the highway.

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