California Man Gets Back His Stolen Car with Apple AirTag Tracking Device


Dramatic video captures a man following his stolen car in San Jose, California.

Robert Pendergrast spotted a surveillance video from a neighbor showing the thief driving off in his burgundy pickup truck. The Apple AirTag was located in the middle console and showed the exact location of his truck in real-time.

Pendergrast was following the car minutes later. “I was on a 30-minute chase with this guy,”He stated.

Pendergrast called a deputy sheriff to give him a running blow by blow account.

“He’s f******* blowing down the f****** road right now, man!”He stated.

The truck that was stolen whizzed past Pendergrast at one point. Pendergrast is seen making an abrupt U turn in the video. The alleged thief then realized he was being chased and tried to lose his pursuer.

“When he realizes he just was not getting me to disappear, he pulled over and jumped and ran into this hotel lodge kind of thing and ran in between the building,” Pendergrast said.

It all turned out well, with Pendergrast’s truck returning to its home. However, authorities warn that you should not take this matter into your own hands.

“I just can’t believe how good that device helped me out,” Pendergrast said.

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