California Missing Mom 16-Year Old Kiely Rodni Plaids for Her Return: ‘Please Give My Baby Back’


Fears that she was abducted, the search for a 16-year-old girl missing in Northern California is ongoing.

Kiely Rodni and as many as 300 young people were last seen at a party in a campground near Lake Tahoe on Friday night. 

At 11:30 p.m. the teenager texted her mother to let her know she was leaving for the party. However, she never got home. Her car is also missing, along with her cellphone and credit cards, which haven’t been used since her disappearance.

Sami Smith attended the party along with Kiely and was one of search coordinators. 

“The last time I saw Kiely was around 12:25 in the morning of the party. I was leaving and I gave her a hug, telling her I loved her and goodbye, for her to get home safe, or be safe,”Sami spoke out in Inside Edition

Sami says she believes there’s a “definite chance”Kiely was taken.

“I need her to come home, and I need us to find her,” said Mags Larson, another one of Kiely’s friends who was at the party.

Kiely’s mom, Lindsey, says there’s no way her daughter has run away and pleaded for her return.

“Please give me my baby back,”She said.

The FBI joined the search.