California Nordstrom is sacked by 80 thieves in smash-and-grab frenzy that lasts less than a minute


The shoplifting that’s been going on in San Francisco is now expanding outside the immediate Bay Area, including at a nearby Nordstrom, where recently at least 80 suspects ransacked the shop in a matter of seconds.

A gang of smash and grab robbers attacked the department shop outside San Francisco. At least 80 thieves were involved in the coordinated military operation, as well as 10 vehicles.

At 9 p.m., they placed their cars strategically in front of the store to prevent anyone parking. They stormed into the store armed with crowbars and loaded up high-end merchandise. They were gone in under a minute.

Two cars were seized by police officers who had guns drawn. Only three suspects have so far been arrested in connection with the incident.

The Nordstrom was just one target of several flash mob sprees over the weekend in the Bay Area. A jewelry shop in Hayward was attacked by dozens of looters. 

And there was another coordinated hit at luxury store Louis Vuitton. A mob ran away with arms full of clothes.

Cops responded, and they chased the fleeing driver. Police used batons to smash windows and force a suspect out of his vehicle in order to make an arrest.

“They appear to be organized, groups of people, mob-like, rushing into and breaching entryways  — something very, very challenging to try to push back on,”Marisa Rodriguez, an ex-prosecutor, told Inside Edition.

Rodriguez heads an alliance consisting of business owners in San Francisco’s famed Union Square.

“We need our police department, our city officials to lean in and recognize that retail theft is not a victimless crime. This impacts all of us,” Rodriguez said. 

Other Louis Vuitton stores across the United States were also targeted. 14 looters attacked all of Chicago at once, leaving shelves empty.

In New York’s trendy SoHo, extra security guards lined the streets in hopes of preventing similar smash-and-grab robberies.

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