California Sheriff pays so distraught pet owner and dog kept in animal shelter can reunite


A California Sheriff’s Department showed what the season of giving is all about when they footed the bill so a devastated dog owner could be reunited with her beloved pup, who was being held in a local animal shelter.

“Our deputies assisted the woman in retrieving her little dog by going to the animal shelter during its open hours and paid to have the dog properly released,” the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station said in a FacebookThis entry was posted on Wednesday. “The woman was very happy to be reunited with her dog.”

Officials said that the woman, who was not identified by police, refused to leave an animal shelter, despite it being closed. She wanted to get her dog that, police said, “she dearly loved.” 

The officers were able to get a response from their social media. 

“Awesome thank you for helping SCV sheriff station. So glad she was able to reunite with her pup. It’s so hard because our pets are family too,”One person wrote it.

“A wonderful story. I sure needed this,”One thing led to another.

Another person complimented the deputy who held the dog in the Facebook photo. 

“This is the nice deputy that helped my mom when her window was shattered,”Someone wrote.