California Teen Gamer Says His Headset Saved Him from Stray Bullet


California teenager credits his Racer headset for saving his life. He says that a bullet struck his bedroom window while he was online playing with friends.

Jonathan Gonzalez, 18, said to CBS Los Angeles that he felt something hitting his skull while playing on his PlayStation. He was awake just after midnight on April 1. “It felt like if you’re wearing a bike helmet and someone just smacks the top of your head,”He said. 

According to his parents, they are still trying to make sense of what happened.

“It’s still a trigger for me to process the thought that I could’ve lost my son,”Janet Popoca, Janet’s mother, said that the teen was happy. “We were asleep and if it did hurt him, we would not have known until we woke up hours later.”

The family resides in Torrance in Los Angeles County. 

Gonzalez held the headset and pointed at the divots where the bullet struck. The spent round bounced off his headset, ricocheted off a wall and around his room before landing on his bed, he said. 

Los Angeles Police Department officers received the bullet from the family. However, they were unable to locate the shooter. 

“If it wasn’t for these on my head, it probably would’ve went through,” Gonzalez said.

“Thinking about it for the first week made me sick,”He said. 

The avid gamer said he received a replacement headset for free from Racer.