California Wildfire: Residents in Devastated Neighborhood Talk about What They Lost and How They Made It Back


California officials continue to urge evacuations as they attempt to extinguish a fire that has already destroyed at least 200 acres in Orange County.

Twenty multi-million-dollar mansions that were once exclusive Laguna Niguel homes have been destroyed by the wildfire that decimated them.

The facade of a dream home measuring 10,000 square feet was destroyed. A firefighter told Inside Edition he doesn’t expect even that to last throughout the day.

Residents in the area are devastated.

Inside Edition was told by one man that he had to drag his father out from the house. “He wanted to stay a little bit longer and I’m like, ‘No, we gotta get out.’”

Peter Klaus and his wife didn’t think they’d have to run for their lives.

“It seemed like a minor fire and the wind picked up,” Klaus said. 

They claim they only had ten minutes to get out.

A couple believed their cat was dead, but a firefighter saved him. “I’m happy to have him back,”A woman said it.

Although the fires have been extinguished, firefighters will remain in the area just in case.