Callum’s libel about Timmy, the identical twin to Timmy, causes confusion among Cabins fans


Tonight’s episode of ITV2 dating show The Cabins saw viewers dumbfounded by Callum, a Scottish student who claimed to have a twin brother. He was actually in the next chalet.

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The Cabins – The boys reveal that they’re twins

Fans of The Cabins couldn’t understand why Callum claimed he had an identical twin brother, even though he was also on the show.

Callum, 22-year-old Timmy, and Callum were staying next door to one another in cabins. They wanted to meet Amy (and Megan) their dates.

Callum made a sham of Amy, a Scottish hairdresser, when she arrived in Fife.

Amy was told at first by Callum that his “friend” was still living next door.

Things got even more bizarre after that.

Callum, after a glass of Buckfast, told Callum that he had a sibling whom he called his brother.

“So you’ve got a brother?”Amy asked.

“No, just a sister,” Callum lied.

Fans had had enough.

“Why is Callum misleading her?!”fumed one.

Another one: “Wtf is Callum talking about???? Sister????”

The third author wrote: “Is he trying to be funny? I don’t get the punchline. Just say you have a twin.”

The third question was: “Why say your brother is your sister or you refer to your sister as your brother. Make it make sense boy.”

Callum and Amy decided after their absurd exchange to spy on Timmy’s date Megan, weightlifting champion Megan.

They ended up in a hot bathtub with Amy asking Timmy his origins.

After he had told her he was originally from Fife she innocently inquired if Callum knew him. This led to a very awkward silence between both brothers.

“How can you not know they’re twins?”Megan laughed, and she wasn’t the only one puzzled.

One fan joked: “Come on Amy, it’s not that hard to believe, they’re practically identical! It’s not like they’re Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito.”

Amy was finally able to hear Callum admit to Amy that Timmy, his twin, had been their child.

Amy said to him that he was lying in twilight zone stuff.

Callum’s absurd banter did not pay off after Amy revealed to her friend that Amy was irritating her.

Amy was able to sleep on the sofa, while the Scot did not.

Timmy’s twin had more fun.

Megan, who is ‘down to Earth’, was a great match for him. He got a kiss from Megan under the covers and things looked promising between them.

Despite the drama, both lovers decided to stay together for another evening.

The Cabins are open from Monday through Friday9pm on ITV2.

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