Cam Newton is a victim of social media’s repercussions for being ensconced during the Panthers-Dolphins Game


Cam Newton is having a difficult time reuniting with the Carolina Panthers. After throwing two interceptions, and completing only five passes, Newton was benched by the Panthers in the fourth quarter against the Miami Dolphins. Newton was upset at being substituted for P.J. Walker. 

“This is the NFL. Nothing’s promised. Just because Cam Newton is on your roster it doesn’t mean you’re just going to win,” Newton On the official website of team. “Just because it’s a feel-good story, doesn’t mean you’re going to win. I’m well aware of that. I think in this situation we all have to come to grips with who we are, and I’m putting blame on myself first before I can even look at somebody else. I have to be better. I know that. And it starts with mentally tapping in and understanding what Coach Rhule and obviously Coach wants to do and that’s how we’re going to rock and roll.”

Newton joined the Panthers earlier this year after being cut by the New England Patriots before the start of the season. Newton spent his first nine years with the Panthers, before being fired by the team in 2020. Here’s a look into social media following Newton to be benched. 


One person replied: “It was not a good game at all for him but that offensive line is horrific. PJ Walker came in and did just as bad. His timing was not good though and he made some bad throws. Also have to take into effect that he learning the offense and the offense plan isn’t good lol.”


We are grateful

Jevon Holland, Dolphins safety, picked Newton up and sent him a message following the game. It was Holland’s first interception in his NFL career.


Atlanta, not so

One person wrote: “Atlanta just barely beat a 2-8 squad. I don’t know what that f— happen in Miami but it’s a player who has had A Week and 2 days with practice. Wait, Signed on FRIDAY and Played Sunday, so he’s realistically practiced 4 days MAYBE! He has to play better but he’s better than Ryan.”


It Doesn’t Exist

And this person wrote: “Gerry, true enough. But, we cannot forget Cam came in on a wing and a prayer. He gave us his best effort. But, his wing did not work out h FG or him. Sadly, this reminds of the ‘comeback’ Willie Mays attempted with the Mets.”


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