Camilla Parker Bowles Announced Two Cancelled Events This Week. Here’s why


Queen Elizabeth isn’t the only royal who’s having to cancel engagements due to poor health. Camilla Parker BowlesAs she continues to recover from COVID-19, she has cancelled a trip to a local festival. 

Parker Bowles has withdrawn from the following events

The Duchess de Cornwall cancelled her Cheltenham trip, where she was due to spend the day at Cheltenham Festival as well as present a trophy for the Queen Mother Champion Steeple Chase’s winning jockey and owner. 

This isn’t the only public appearance Parker Bowles has bowed out of; she also missed a meeting with the High Commissioners and Commonwealth Secretariat staff, alongside her husband Prince Charles. 

According to reports, the duchess who was diagnosed with COVID-19 in February is still suffering from a slight cough. She is currently pacing herself before she returns to public life. Parker Bowles is still appearing at different events, despite her dropping out of some engagements. 

Recent Appearances

Parker Bowles was there with Prince William, Princess Alexandra, Kate Middleton and Prince William at the Commonwealth Day services. She also made a visit to the Irish Cultural Center in west London earlier this week in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Charles and she toured the building together, learned about the history of the center, and watched a performance of traditional Irish dances in celebration of the center’s 25th anniversary. The couple also tried their hand at playing the Irish bodhrán drum and even got to try some traditional Guinness beer. 

Charles attempted to pour the perfect pint after being shown how to properly tilt the glass as he pulled the beer, making Parker Bowles laugh — especially after Charles took a sip and got some beer foam on his nose. 

Parker Bowles Still ‘Coughing And Spluttering’

Parker Bowles’ bout of the coronavirus came soon after Queen Elizabeth’s February 6th announcement that Parker Bowles will be given the title of Queen Consort. Parker Bowles has not been able to make any public appearances due to her COVID infection. At a second appearance, the Duchess of Cornwall spoke about her experiences with the coronavirus earlier in this month. She met with rowers Kat Cordiner, Abby Johnston, and Charlotte Irving at an event to celebrate International Women’s Day and talked about her recovery. 

“It’s taken three weeks and still can’t get shot of it,” Camilla shared. “Probably my voice might suddenly go and I might start coughing and spluttering.” We’re wishing Parker Bowles a speedy recovery!

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