Camilla Parker Bowles’ First Official Outing as Queen Consort Highlights Her Concern over Domestic Abuse 


Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles is taking on a very serious issue with her first official solo public appearance following the death of Queen Elizabeth—women experiencing domestic abuse. 

Queen Consort’s Visit To Domestic Abuse Unit

Bowles visited Chelsea & Westminster Hospital’s Maternity Unit, which serves as a shelter for domestic abuse survivors. The Queen Consort met staff and volunteers at the hospital to learn more about their work. 

The hospital’s unit works with Standing Together agenciesVictim Support, Galop and Victim Support offer confidential support, advice and advocacy to women. They offer legal assistance, housing, financial and housing support for those who are in need. 

“I had no idea how it all worked, it’s totally incredible. I’m so thrilled to have come,” The queen consort spoke highly of her visit. “I can see what a huge support system there is. Just seeing how it works here, it’s about getting everyone together.”

‘An Extraordinary Sign Of Her Commitment’

Suzanne Jacob, CEO at SafeLives An international charity fighting domestic violenceBowles also had the opportunity to meet him. “[Her visit is] an extraordinary sign of her commitment and it will mean a huge amount to survivors and people who are still in abusive relationships up and down the country and all over the world,”She spoke.

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“Making that choice is an extraordinary vote of confidence in those individuals—to know that somebody with her kind of profile and platform has made it such a priority,”Jacob continued. She shared that members of the royal household always visit survivors more often than they receive messages. 

“There is always a wave of people contacting us to say how important [a royal visit] was to them,” Jacob explained. “It shows the importance of their story and experience, when they’ve constantly been told by a perpetrator that nobody will believe them and nobody will help them. The queen consort counteracting that is hugely helpful.”Bowles will be taking on more responsibilities with her new position. Many are delighted to see that Bowles is supporting worthy causes. 

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