Camilla reportedly vowed to take over major patronage from Meghan


Camilla Parker BowlesOne of the most important jobs in the country is being taken over by Meghan Markle’s patronages, making it clear that Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to step back from royal life is permanent. While it means more work for the Duchess of Cornwall, she reportedly couldn’t be more pleased to step in. 

Camilla is ready to support the theater industry

Silver Screen Beatday TimesHas been reportedParker Bowles is the new royal patron for the National Theatre. Markle took over the role in 2019 from Queen Elizabeth, who served as the theater’s patron for 45 years. 

In a statement dated 2021, the National Theatre thanked Markle and expressed its gratitude for Markle’s support. “The Duchess championed our work with communities and young people across the UK and our mission to make theater accessible to all.”

Parker Bowles is reportedly excited to support the theater industry right now, especially as they struggle to overcome the problems they’ve had to face throughout the pandemic. This isn’t the only theater the Duchess of Cornwall supports; she is also a patron of the Unicorn Theatre and the Theatre Royal Bath, in addition to supporting The Royal Academy of Dance. 

Parker Bowles stated that theater artists have been affected because of the pandemic. “I should like to thank those of you whose profession is in the theatre for your determination and your flexibility. Please remain resilient – we need you and we have missed you.”

Sources say that Parker Bowles has been waiting for this patronage for a while. Evidently, she was upset when Markle got the job in 2019 from the queen. “She really wanted it,” Source shared. “She was pretty miffed when it went to Meghan, and will be all the more delighted to take it on now, after being disappointed not to get it first time round.”

Meghan And Harry’s Deal With Spotify

Even though Markle has lost out on her patronages, she’s keeping busy. In December 2020, she and Harry signed a $25m deal with Spotify to produce content for the streaming service. But, that’s all people have seen of the couple. They did a 30-minute holiday special with Elton John and James Corden. 

It appears that Spotify is ramping up production on the royals’ projects. Recently, the company began advertising for employeesAll producers are included. “The ideal candidate has experience working with high-profile talent, and an interest in the intersection of social activism and popular culture,”The job advertisement reads. 

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