Cancun shooting – Guests “armed themselves with metal sticks” as gunmen stormed hotel.


According to some reports, hotel guests are armed with their own weapons “with metal sticks”Yesterday, rival drug gangs attacked a Mexican resort and set fire to it.

Local authorities say that two of the shooters died, but no tourists were hurt or kidnapped.

Yesterday’s incident began at 3:00pm on the beach of the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Hotel in Puerto Morelos.

After initial reports of an attack, hotel guests and staff were forced to flee in a frenzy. “active shooter”and shots being fired on the premises.

Security officials for QuintanaRoo have confirmed the shocking incident via twitter.

Cancun shooting: Guests 'armed themselves with metal sticks' as gunmen 'storm hotel'
It was instructed that guests should barricade themselves into rooms and remain quiet

They said: “The @FGEQuintanaRoo reports that there was a confrontation between members of antagonistic groups of drug dealers on a beach in Bahía Petempich, Puerto Morelos.

“Two of the victims died on the spot. There were no injuries.”

Speaking to CNN, one hotel guest revealed how terrified holidaymakers and hotel staff attempted to protect themselves amid the chaos.

Cancun shooting: Guests 'armed themselves with metal sticks' as gunmen 'storm hotel'
After the shooting, police continued to operate for several hours

The anonymous guest said: “I was by the pool when multiple successive gunshots occurred. It went on for a little while and everyone dove for cover.

“We were assigned to guard the basement entrances and were provided with metal sticks and even a pedestal sink for defense.”

Another guest, Mike Sington, said that people were told to hide in their rooms and barricade the doors.

Speaking to Reuters during the incident he said: “Now, hiding in the darkness. I was told that active shooter is on the property. Paramedics can be found here.”

He later tweeted a a picture of his rudimentary barricade, with two hotel chairs stacked up against his door, and then another snap showing relieved guests hugging each other in the lobby after the incident was over.

Cancun shooting: Guests 'armed themselves with metal sticks' as gunmen 'storm hotel'
After the shooting was finished, relieved guests gathered at the lobby of the Hotel to celebrate.

The US Embassy has released a statement to confirm the information. “a shooting incident in the beach area near the Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun and the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun in Puerto Morelos”.

They advised guests to “monitor the local news for updates”? “avoid crowds”And “review your personal security plans”.

MegaNews, local news outlet confirmed on Twitter that police were executing a “strong operation”A few hours later, we shared a video showing a police helicopter hovering over the hotel and armed personnel getting into trucks.

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