Car of Former Auburn University Student Found Submerged in Water 45 Years After He Went Missing


A car was recently found that was underwater for nearly half a century. The 1974 Ford Pinto belonged to 22-year-old Kyle Clinkscales, who has been missing for 45 years. 

“For 45 years, we have searched for Kyle and his car,” Sheriff James Woodruff from Troup County stated. “We have followed hundreds of leads and never really had anything substantial developed from those leads.”

Until now.

A 911 caller alerted police to a creek where the caller somehow discovered the car. 

“We were able to locate a wallet inside the car,” Woodruff said. “Inside that wallet was his ID and several credit cards.”

Investigators say in 1976, Clinkscales was driving from Lagrange, Georgia, back to Auburn University in Alabama, where he was a student. 

He was never heard from again, and a missing persons report was filed. Now, investigators believe they’ve found his remains.  

Both his parents have since passed away, but before dying, his dad wrote a book called “Kyle’s Story, Friday Never Came: The Search for Missing People.”

“Is there something that we can take to the crime lab and determine if there was foul play?” Woodruff adds. “Was he murdered and left there? Did he [go] off the road? That’s some things we hope to discover.”