Cardi B to be on You Season 4? Penn Badgley Says…


It’s now that you are ready to take control of your life. Cardi BThe agent at the phone
After the Invasion of PrivacyStar publicly offered a role on Netflix’s hit series. YouThe streaming network has been all eyes. The series is now a star Penn Badgley is weighing in on the potential addition to the cast—and his social media friendship with Cardi.

The Grammy winner and the Netflix star recently sent the Twitter-verse into a tailspin with their adorable fan-girl-esque exchange—and the two have since changed their profile pictures on the platform to feature the other.
Fans are naturally curious if the rapper will make an appearance on the fourth season. You, but according to Penn—who made a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live—his guess is as good as ours.
“Well, I don’t know, I definitely can’t say,”He said it to the host Jimmy Kimmel of a possible cameo from Cardi during the Oct. 25 episode. “But there is actually—I believe this is true—there’s an actual petition.”