Cardiologist says that those in recovery from COVID-19 should be careful about shoveling snow.


Each year there are heart attacks and injuries from shoveling snow. But officials warn that if you have COVID-19, it might be worth asking someone else to do the job.

According to Dr. Steven Reisman, long haulers syndrome sufferers are more at risk from injury when shoveling is done.

“People recovering from COVID — it is dangerous for them to be out shoveling snow. In particular if they’ve gained weight, they’re obese, they have respiratory issues secondary to COVID, and they’ve really had an increase in their inactivity, leading to more risk of heart disease,”Reisman spoke.

He also said that shoveling is a dangerous job.

“If you have to go out and you have a history of COVID, just make sure your lungs have good capacity and you don’t have risk factors of heart disease. And then do it very slowly and make sure you warm up intermittently,”Reisman spoke.

It was a day to clean up the Eastern U.S.A., made more difficult due to spiraling COVID-19 case. 

Up to 25% of sanitation workers in New York City are sick.

One motorist in Kentucky discovered the same issue.

“This is the day that COVID crippled Louisville with a 1-inch snow. Supposedly, 14% of our road crews are out sick with COVID,”The driver stated.

Snow shoveling-related injuries are responsible for nearly 12,000 000 people ending up in the emergency room each year.

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