Carlos Hallowell is on Death Row for Murdering His Mother? Details


Denise Hallowell, a Florida resident, was found dead at her home in July 2019. The 57-year old mother of two was attacked with an ax. Her 17-year-old son was also present at the time of the tragedy. Carlos HallowellHe claimed that he was at home, but he had been sleeping. He woke up to find her body and called 911 immediately. The evidence eventually revealed that Carlos Hallowell was his mother’s killer.

Why did Carlos Hallowell murder Denise Hallowell’s mother?

Denise Hallowell adopted Carlos Hallowell (then 4 years old) from Guatemala in 2006. Their relationship grew over the years as Denise Hallowell raised Carlos and their younger brother at their Florida lakefront home.

Denise Hallowell was however accused of abuse by her other son in 2015. Fox 13. Adopted from Honduras by his 12-year-old brother, the child claimed that Denise Hallowell had physically abused and locked him up in his room, without feeding him.

Carlos Hallowell was defending his mother at the time against his brother’s claims. These allegations were later dispelled by the State Attorney’s Office.

After learning that Carlos Hallowell had been expelled from school in February, and kept it secret, tensions developed between Denise Hallowell (May 2019)

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On July. Carlos Hallowell called 911 reporting that his mother was suffering from an attack with an ax. He claimed that he was sleeping during the attack but there were no signs of forced entry, making police suspect it was an inside job. Carlos Hallowell was Denise Hallowell’s only occupant at the time.

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Police were able track Carlos Hallowell’s movements that day by using cellphone data and home security cameras as well as data from Denise Hallowell’s and Carlos Hallowell’s cell phones. This information allowed them to prove that Carlos Hallowell had stabbed Denise Hallowell.

Denise Hallowell's house.
Source: NBC

Denise Hallowell’s home.

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Carlos Hallowell later attempted to alter his story, claiming that he and Denise Hallowell had gotten into an argument on her murder date. Denise Hallowell stated that she would stop paying for her son’s schooling because he wanted a technical college.

Carlos Hallowell also stated that his mother used to verbally abuse him and was critical of his grades. He used to chop wood with an ax in order to vent his anger.

He eventually admitted that he had taken his axe out of the shed to hurt his mother on the day they were arguing. He decided not to plead guilty in the trial for his mother’s murder despite this confession.

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Denise Hallowell

Source: NBC