Carol Burnett Hires Britney Spears’ Co-Conservator


Britney SpearsShe has shed light on conservatorship, a controversial practice. This case brought attention to other stars who were facing similar problems. Amanda Bynes. One Celebrity Carol Burnett is actually hiring one of Spears’ co-conservators to help run the life of one member of her family. Here’s what’s going on.

Drug Problems

Burnett’s daughter Erin Hamilton has struggled with addiction and substance abuse for years. She was unable care for Dylan because of her struggles. Burnett and Brian Miller, her husband, became temporary guardians of Dylan in August 2020. Now, they’re hoping to make the arrangement permanent.

RadarOnline offers a variety of services. Obtained court documents from Burnett’s case. Hamilton is not able to care for her son, says the comedian. “In the past 19 years, Erin has been in and out of rehabilitation centers and has been institutionalized a total of eight times for a minimum of 30 days each time,”He has been placed under surveillance for drug and suicide use. Burnett argues that neither Montgomery nor Dylan’s father is capable of caring for Dylan because of drug use.

Paging Jodi Montgomery

Burnett is looking to hire Jodi Pays Montgomery to help care for Dylan. Montgomery was one of Spears’ co-conservators for years and has been advising on Dylan’s case since May. Montgomery eventually took Spears’ side against her father Jamie and argued he should be removed from Britney’s case.

Although the temporary guardianship for Dylan will end on November 30, a hearing will take place before that date. Burnett wants to be a permanent guardian and not a conservatorship for Dylan or Hamilton. She will find out in time if she is granted what she wants.

Guardian Stories Around

Guardianship stories are a tabloid staple, despite what you might think. When outlets wish to create drama among members, they will usually cite a legal Guardianianship fight. 2019 Neue IdeaMaddox Jolie Pittt claimed he wanted custody of his siblings. He and Jolie remain close, but this never happened.

In 2017, it was back In TouchAccording to reports, Paris Jackson tried to get custody of Bigi her younger brother. This was also arranged. “Blanket”He continued to grow up entirely without the attention of the media. He has only recently begun to speak to the media about environmentalist issues. Guardianships aren’t exclusively a bad thing. If Burnett is correct, it would seem that she would be better off looking after Dylan for the near future.