Carol Vorderman (60), shows an hourglass figure wearing a cut out top with skintight trousers


Carol Vorderman, TV personality, didn’t leave much to imagination when she pulled on tight-fitting trousers that looked like they had been sprayed.

The stunning bombshell turned 60 last Christmas and dazzled her 179,000 supporters in a festive green top featuring cut-out detailing across her chest.

The Countdown super-brain was sexy and sexy, smiling big while modeling the figure-hugging clothes that accentuated her hourglass figures.

She blew her fans away with her stunning, age-defying beauty.

Carol captioned this racy pair of images: “Lazy Bird got her old boots on yet again… new @karen_millan blouse though.

Carol modelled skintight trousers and a tight-fitted top
Carol modeled tight-fitting pants and a tight-fitting top.

“Off across the Severn Bridge in a min. Yessssss.

“Happy Wednesday pawb (everyone).”

Meanwhile, Carol hit the headlines this week after she explained in an interview with OK! that she would be sticking a “virtual middle finger” up at those who had said she didn’t dress her age.

She told the publication: “This is my favorite age. I don’t like people who are unkind and I have never been interested in what other people think.

Carol wowed with her award-winning smile
Carol was astonished by her beautiful smile.

“I have totally embraced 60.

“It’s okay to use it as an excuse.”

The starlet admitted she didn’t care what others thought about her or her clothes.

Carol explained her “Free spirit” nature had often caused her to be a “rebel” throughout life.

She went on: “I am mischief, and I do whatever I like.

Carol doesn't care what haters think about the way she dresses
Carol doesn’t care what others think about her dress.

“I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. I’ve never understood why people conform because society dictates it.

“I have always been an open-minded person and have often questioned the meaning of the word “should”.

“I was told you should get married at 20 because that’s what girls do. I said ‘I’m not doing that’ and became an engineer.”

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