Carrie Underwood Allegedly ‘Stormed Out’After their Wedding, What About Husbands? ‘Worst Fight,’ Anonymous Source Says


You can have Carrie Underwood Mike FisherHave you hit a rough patch in your life? One tabloid reports that the couple is famous “secretly clashing”Behind closed doors. Let’s check in on the country singer and her hockey pro hubby.

Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher ‘Under Pressure’?

This week’s cover of Life & Style Carrie Underwood claims to be “trapped in a bad marriage”And promises stories of “lies, boozing, & ‘feeling lonely.””The magazine’s article reveals that tensions have been growing for some time between Mike Fisher and Underwood. According to sources, things have escalated at the CMT Music Awards.

“Everyone was praising and fawning over Carrie at the CMTs and Mike couldn’t get a word in edgewise,”Insider recipes “Someone even mistook Mike as a waiter and asked him for a cocktail because he was lingering by the bar alone in a suit while Carrie was off networking. He was beyond mortified.”

Apparently, the CMTs were just the result of growing resentment on Fisher’s part over Underwood’s hectic work schedule. “Mike is seeing even less of Carrie. He goes crazy thinking about all the guys she’s working closely with… He’ll sometimes hit the car and get drunk with his friends as a distraction or because he’s bored and feeling lonely,”The tipster is trustworthy.

And sources say Underwood’s decision to add more dates to her Vegas residency caused a major argument between her and Fisher. “It was the worst fight they’ve ever had, and Carrie stormed out that night,”The snitch whispers. “She feels trapped in a bad marriage… They’ve tried everything to make things work—therapy, couples retreats—but nothing seems to help. Carrie and Mike act like strangers half of the time.”

Underwood Lives a Separate Life from Husband

It’s clear that this magazine is living in an entirely different reality from us. Contrary to the outlet’s lengthy, speculative report, we have absolutely no evidence to suggest Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are struggling. In the photos we’ve seen, Fisher looked happy to be by his wife’s side at the CMTs and supported her throughout the night.

Furthermore, Fisher is constantly shouting out his wife’s accomplishments and celebrating her on Instagram. He posted a recent image of Underwood celebrating her Grammy win.

At the end of the day, we just can’t say what’s going on behind closed doors in the Underwood-Fisher household. But we’re confident that the outlet is grossly overestimating its insight into the couple’s lives, and it clearly doesn’t have any concern for their marriage.

Are We Ever Heard It Before?

This report is far from original; we’ve confronted countless other stories claiming Underwood and Fisher were fighting over her career, and none of them have ever amounted to anything. One example is the last year’s Underwood vs Fisher report. Globe Fisher claimed that Underwood and Fisher were fighting over Underwood’s heavy workload. Then OK! According to Fisher, Underwood drove Fisher insane with her control issues. Then, there was the recent news that Underwood was driving Fisher crazy with her control issues. National Enquirer Fisher and Underwood were allegedly at odds over Underwood’s Vegas residency. Obviously, Life & Style isn’t the first magazine to try to push this narrative.