Carrie Underwood left ‘Shaking” after a frightening encounter


Memorial Day is a time to relax and enjoy a day off. Carrie UnderwoodThe holiday brought an unexpected guest that left her speechless “shaking.”The country singer took to Instagram to share a video about her terrifying encounter. 

Underwood Jokes About ‘Country Life’

Underwood posted a video showing what appears to be an outdoor garden shed. “Country life be like…”She captioned the video. As she moves the camera closer to the ground, a snake’s head pops into view. 

“You scared the ever-loving…you scared me, bud!”Underwood addresses her snake. She then pans the camera to show that the snake is as long as the table it’s hiding under. “Right by the door,”The singer said it. 

“Hey, I left this door open for you,”Underwood said to the snake. “Uh uh, don’t look at me like that!”Underwood is looking at the snake as it moves back, and she responds. “Oh, I’m still shaking.”She tells the snake. “catch a mouse or two,”It is then that it is, “I’m going to leave you alone now and I fully expect you to go away.”

The Singer’s Recent Performances

The snake’s appearance interrupted an otherwise restful break for the country singer. Underwood will perform in support of her forthcoming album Denim & Rhinestones. She recently performed at Stagecoach Festival and iHeartRadio’s iHeartCountry festival. 

She’s also doing a Las Vegas residency, called Reflection. It’s her first residency, and Underwood is enjoying every minute of it. “Touring is one of my favorite things I get to do as a performer and we’ve all really been missing that,”She said this at the start of her residency in 2021.

“I love being on the road and coming to the fans where they live but it will also be fun to get to do multiple shows in one place where people will be able to come to get that concert experience and have some fun in Las Vegas at the same time,”She continued. “It’s such a special honor to be one of the first artists to get to perform in a brand new, beautiful, state-of-the-art theater at such an exciting new destination as Resorts World Las Vegas.”

Chasing a snake away from the house might not be as glamorous as Underwood’s Vegas residency, but the country superstar is no doubt still enjoying her time off at her Nashville home. 

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