Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher Fighting Over Her Work Load?


Are You Carrie UnderwoodAnd Mike FisherAre they still fighting over her schedules? Twelve months ago, one report claimed the two may split for good because of Underwood’s lack of free time. Gossip CopLooking back at the story will reveal what really happened.

Too ‘Ambitious’For Her Own Good

The regressive reports from the Globe, Fisher was not happy about Underwood’s ambition. An insider explained, “Carrie doesn’t know the meaning of downtime and that’s been a huge problem.”Fisher was not allowed to take up too much of her time with radio and album shows. A source unnamed said that Fisher was clogging her schedule with radio shows and albums. “Her mind keeps wandering and she’s constantly exhausted and their intimacy has suffered. He’s getting fed up.”

Gossip CopThis story was criticized for obvious reasons. Fisher had been very busy before Underwood met Fisher so he expected her to continue that pace. Furthermore, he’s always been supportive of her career. 

The imagination was not able to comprehend how Fisher managed to stomach her 10 year schedule, then break in year 11. Because the story relied only on so-called “sources”We easily debunked the story and provided no evidence.

Did they break up?

Surprisingly, no. Fisher and Underwood still have a relationship and are celebrating their 11th anniversary. She’s still as busy as ever, going on tour and promoting her new Christmas album, yet they’re still married. Fisher and Underwood wrote the following in twin social media posts: “Here’s to many more.”

Underwood posted a TikTok pointing out Fisher recently. Set to her duet with Jason Aldean entitled “If I Didn’t Love You,’ she pointed out the many hats, taxidermied animals, and dirty clothes around the house. This is proof that she loves him.

Bogus Stories Abound

This tabloid has attacked Underwood and Fisher’s parenting skills as well. It claimed that they were fighting over how to raise their sons. The story was also without any evidence to support its 1950s premise. Fisher and Underwood are doing fantastic, and this outlet clearly has no insight into their daily lives.

This schedule story is just one more tired trope. The GlobeOne party is too busy, so it’s often said that there will be a breakup. Reba McEntire, Rex Linn and Joanna Gaines were all allegedly fighting for the same reason. These stories are lame attempts by women to be punished for their success.