Cassie Carli: What was the truth? Family Seeks Answers to Florida Woman’s Death Found in a Barn


The family of Cassie Carli is searching for answers after the missing Florida mom was found dead in Alabama.

Carli shared custody with Marcus Spanevelo of Saylor, her 4-year-old girl, as Carli was not married to him. 

They met at a nearby restaurant parking lot, about one mile from their Navarre Beach home, when she was making a routine custody drop off. 

Carli’s dad got suspicious when she did not return home quickly. Later her car was found in remote areas with her purse still inside.

When asked if Carli ever expressed concern over the custody handoffs, her younger sister Raeann said, “She was for a little bit, but she had tried to make the proper steps. That is why the original exchange location was in Walmart parking lot.”

After Carli’s disappearance, her father received several text messages that seemed out of the ordinary. She said she was having trouble with her phone and car and staying over at her ex’s. 

“We knew right away that was not Cassie,”Raeann said.

Raeann claims that there was a “record of existence.” “red flags” from the beginning of her sister’s relationship with Spanevelo.

“Even six months into the pregnancy is when his true colors started to shine,”Raeann said.

Friends and relatives searched for the mom missing for over a week. She was found in a shallow grave within a barn, approximately 300 miles from her last known location. 

A tattoo on her foot helped police identify her. It was a tattoo she shared with her sister.

Now, Marcus Spanevelo has been arrested for tampering with evidence, but not murder.

Cassie had shared with her family a chilling vision about her ex. 

“If anything ever happens to me, he did it,”Raeann said.