Catherine Zeta Jones, a Welsh native, shares her thoughts on The New Princess


Catherine Zeta Jones has lived in New York, Barbados, and Spain throughout her adult life. However, it’s clear she still has strong ties to her native Wales. The following social media post was posted by the Chicago star shared her thoughts about Wales’ new princess, Kate Middleton.

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Wales

After Queen Elizabeth’s passing, Prince William and Kate Middleton assumed the roles of Prince and Princess of Wales. It’s no surprise that the charming duo has been welcomed into their new positions with open arms. Middleton is the official Princess of Wales for the first time since Princess Diana. Her assumption of this title was notable on many levels.

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Last month saw the princess and prince make their first official visit in Wales since taking on their new titles. Middleton met a young girl at St. Thomas Church, Swansea while on her first official visit. She found out that the toddler was named Charlotte, just like the princess’ own seven-year-old daughter.

Catherine Zeta Jones was attracted to the moment by her famous Instagram post. In an Instagram post, she praised the new Princess of Wales. “I love our Princess of Wales,”The actress was ridiculed. “I love our Welsh National Costume.”

In the photo, Middleton is kneeling down to pose with young Charlotte, who’s wearing traditional Welsh garb. The national dress of Wales dates back to the early 19th century, and it’s characterized by a gown, apron, red cloak, and black hat. It is worn today by both children and women at Welsh national celebrations.

Catherine Zeta Jones is Proud of Her Welsh Heritage

Catherine Zeta Jones is still the owner of a large estate near her home in Swansea. She still loves Wales and takes great pride in speaking of it. In an Instagram video, Zeta-Jones expressed her love of Wales’ coastal path. “Every time I’m home, I always find time to walk along the Welsh Coastal Path,”The actress began her speech, surrounded with gifs of Welsh flag. “For me, my beauteous spot is Swansea and Mumbles. What’s yours? It’s all so beautiful, so proud to be Welsh.”

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Zeta Jones let her followers know a trivial fact in the caption. “Wales is the only country in the world with a designated walking path along the coast of the entire country. It’s just gorgeous, rare, precious, and well…bloody gorgeous.”Zeta Jones is proud to be Welsh, it’s obvious. So, it’s no small honor that Kate Middleton has the actress’ support. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the two Catherines meet in person one day!

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