Catherine Zeta Jones almost unrecognizable with her stunning blonde bob


Catherine Zeta JonesHer face is well-known, but some of her fans are doing double takes at her new style for a forthcoming project. The actress’s eye-catching new hairstyle is all part of her starring role in a Disney+ show. 

Zeta-Jones’ New Look For Upcoming Project

Fans got their first look at Zeta-Jones’ new hairdo in a behind-the-scenes video clip for National Treasure: Edge of History. The actress has a platinum blonde bob—very different from her typical dark, long hair. 

Zeta Jones is the villain of the movie National Treasure spin-off series. Her character, Billie Pearce, is a billionaire and antiquities expert who is trying to find a lost treasure before the show’s heroes—a group of young friends—recover it. 

You can see the behind-the scene footageZeta-Jones gushed about the original National Treasure movies. “I was a huge fan,”She explained. The actress spoke out about her character. “I play Billie Pearce. She’s a black-market antiquity dealer and she plays a cat-and-mouse game with Jess [the show’s lead character].”

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“The audience, they’re figuring it out as we are figuring it out,”Zeta-Jones continued and revealed more details about the upcoming event. “It hasn’t lost that historic National Treasure vibe.” 

Co-star Calls Zeta-Jones ‘Just Like Royalty’

Zeta-Jones’ co-stars are equally excited about the show, as well as having the opportunity to work alongside the actress. Breeda Wool, also appearing on the show, is also participating. Telled ScreenRant, “I think it’s gonna be a really, really good show. I think it’s gonna be a really cool show.”

“Catherine Zeta-Jones is like a f*cking queen,”She went on. “She’s so good and cool and awesome. That is the best part about my job right now. I mean, there’s a bunch of good things, but Catherine Zeta-Jones is the sh*t. Like, when people [are] like oh, she’s Hollywood royalty. I’m like, ‘Nah, she’s just like royalty.’ That woman’s a f*cking classy, talented, intelligent f*cking queen. But yeah, it’s a really good show.”

We don’t know yet when. National Treasure: Edge of HistoryThe series will not be available on the streaming site, but many believe it will be there in the next year. The fans of the National Treasure movies can’t wait to solve the new mysteries alongside the characters, as well as watch Zeta-Jones play the bad guy! 

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