Catherine Zeta Jones Worried about Michael Douglas’ Health Problems and Memory Issues Last Year, Gossip Said


It is Michael DouglasAre you still experiencing memory loss? In 2021, Gossip CopA story about Catherine Zeta Jones fearing for her husband’s health because of his memory lapses. Let’s look back on that story to see if it was true after all.

Michael Douglas Grappling with Failing Health?

Per the National Enquirer, Douglas’ treatment for stage 4 oral cancer had left him in a rough state. He shared his story. AARP, “I have been shocked by the reduction of my stamina—and my long-term memory is fine, but my short-term memory is not.”Kirk Douglas died in June, leaving Kirk Douglas physically less healthy. The change in his health was worrisome to Zeta-Jones, a source said, and she wasn’t happy about the difference. “She always knew that their age difference would mean her taking care of him one day—but she didn’t expect it to be so soon,”They came to an agreement.

Talk about how you can pile on to someone. Douglas was officially announced by The Oral Cancer Foundation. “cancer-free and in good health,”So he was not even a shadow of himself. This quote comes from AARPThis was taken out of context. Douglas made a comment on Douglas’ stamina, and his refusal to give up. Because his health was perfect, Gossip Cop The story was busted.

How’s Michael Douglas Doing?

When an actor suffers from serious mental degradation or issues with the brain, they’re probably going to retire. Bruce Willis was recently forced to retire due to a terrible diagnosis of aphasia. Douglas could have stopped acting if he were truly failing or losing his marbles.

Douglas has not done this. He’s as busy as ever. He was a star in another season last year of the Kominsky MethodHe was nominated for a SAG Award in the process. He’s set to Ronald Reagan’s starIn the miniseries Reagan & Gorbachev.Douglas also has Marvel money rolling in and will play Hank Pym again in Quantumania: Ant-Man and The Wasp. Clearly, he’s doing just fine.

Other Bogus Gossip

A few months after the shameful tale, the Get in touchAn even more offensive story was published. It claimed Douglas had relapsed after the death his father. This did not happen and only preyed on Douglas’ distant past. The tabloid should be ashamed of its actions.

Gossip Cop encounters stories about Douglas and Zeta-Jones’ age difference all the time, but it seems to bother these outlets far more than it bothers Zeta-Jones or Douglas. They’ve been married for over twenty years and are still going strong.

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