Caylee Cowan and Casey Affleck make their relationship official


It’s cuffing season Casey Affleck has found himself a new love.

The Manchester By the SeaActor, known for keeping his private life secret, posted to Instagram that he was in a relationship to actress. Caylee Cowan.

The Oscar winner gushed about the Oscars on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25. Willy’s Wonderland star and shared candid snapshots of their hang out, in which they both donated blood to the Red Cross.

“@cayleecowan showed up,”Casey captioned a portion of his Instagram. “She is not on the Love’s active roster [the baseball team he plays for], but she is MY Love, and she ALWAYS shows up when it counts.”

He continued, “However Caylee is usually unenthused about needles, blood, etc, and though she believably feigned nonchalance all the way to the donation location, once on the table with her sleeve rolled up, she was overheard quietly asking a staff member, ‘Is there a chance I might die?’ The answer was no, of course.”

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