CBS Reboots Classic 1950s Sitcom


CBS is Reviving a classic sitcomFor the modern age, the network is shifting the focus to more of a feminine perspective. The network is bringing back Jackie Gleason, the iconic sitcom. HoneymoonersReimagining 1950s sitcoms with “a feminist twist.”

Gleason was the original star of the series. Audrey Meadows and Art Carney were also part of the adaptation of a Gleason variety show comedy sketch. The sitcom The show aired only for one season on CBS1955. The sound was mainly emanating out of the Brooklyn apartment the Kramdens owned, with Ed Norton (played in Carney) constantly popping in.

Lindsey Shockley will be writing the new series. Mixed-ishKelly Park will direct the film. Deadline reports that the reboot will be directed by Kelly Park. “female-driven”Update the sitcom about working-class people by focusing on Ruth and Alex, and their desire for to be “true equals”They are married.

Two Shakes Entertainment was founded by Damon Wayans Jr., and Kameron Tarlow. CBS Studios will bring the series on-air. With modern eyes watching, the goal is to capture the magic and charm of the original series in the new series. Gleason’s Ralph Kramden, played by Audrey Meadows and Alice Kramden’s spouse Alice, represented working-class dynamics and would be influential on many series in the future.

This series has been adapt twice, once officially and once on the big-screen. The FlintstonesIt has been long considered an animated version of Gleason’s series. Fred and Wilma are the Kramdens, while neighbors Betty Rubble and Barney Rubble play the Nortons. Gleason debated suing Hanna-Barbera over The FlintstonesBut he relented, as he didn’t want to be called “The Title of…” “guy who yanked Fred Flintstone off the air.”

HoneymoonersThe movie would soon be seen on the big screen, with a faithful adaptation featuring Cedric The Entertainer from The Neighborhood in Gleason’s role and Norton playing Mike Epps. The other roles were filled by Regina Hall and Gabrielle Union, but it was not enough star power for critics to be a success.

Although the official premiere date for the CBS reboot is not yet known, it can be expected to air in 2022. It will join other CBS attempts or join the network’s success with revivals and reboots. To find out, we’ll need to tune in.

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