Celeb Fans make me feel sick when I watch plank challenge. Compare it to Squid Game


Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity launch episode featured a first challenge that saw Louise Minchin and Naughty Boy, Danny Miller, and Snoochie Shy walking along a plank over a lake.

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I’m A Celeb! Naughty Boy & Snoochie take up the plank challenge

I’m a Celebrity Fan “felt sick”The first challenge in the series saw four campmates traverse a plank that was more than 200 feet high above a lake in remote quarry.

In the first episode, celebrities were divided into two groups. One consisted of broadcaster Louise Minchin and Naughty Boys, Emmerdale actor Danny Miller, and Snoochie Shy.

They flew in helicopters to North Wales’ quarry, where they were met and challenged by Ant and Dec.

Presenters explained that they would be paired together and compete against each other, with the winner of each heat being able to decide which celebrity would represent them in their next challenge.

The challenge required campmates to walk along the plank and wait for a green light to turn green. Once the light turned green, they had to press a button with one foot.

Ant said: “The red lights will start to flash and when the green light comes on, you must press the button with your foot. The first celebrity to hit their button will win and the loser will be dropped from their plank.”

Louise competed against Danny while Naughty Boy raced to beat Snoochie. Naughty Boy, Danny, and Louise lost in their heats. They were then dropped from the platform.

As the campmates, viewers were not keen to take on the challenge. However, one viewer did tweet: “I’d be terrified, I know they have a harness but still, no way.”

Another author wrote: “I don’t think I could think of anything worse than this challenge. The idea of the plank dropping makes me feel sick.”The third was: “Wouldn’t do this challenge even if it was to save my own life. Feel dizzy just thinking about it!”

“That challenge is brutal, I definitely couldn’t do it,””One viewer stated, and another said: “The height challenges make my legs turn to jelly.”

One viewer stated that they “literally felt sick at that,”While another said: “I’d actually wet myself.”

Others claimed that ITV’s ITV series was inspired in part by Netflix’s Squid Games. In which characters were forced to face fatal challenges to win money, they were also inspired by ITV.

“This is like Squid Game (minus the really grim outcome),”One viewer wrote it. Another tweet: “Taking some ideas from Squid Games are we boys.”

Another one: “I can’t be the only one getting squid game vibes here.”While another mentioned the legendary first game from the show’s fictional series: “For me this is worse than red light green light.”

I’m a Celebrity airs tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV. The ITV Hub will allow you to catch up with the launch episode.

*I’m A Celebrity returns tomorrow at 9pm on ITV