Celebrities are excited to officially kick off the season with Tom Cruise’s “Unbelievable” Christmas Cake


Cruise is not the only one getting ready for holiday season. Cruise is known for sending out cakes to his colleagues and friends in Hollywood. His bakery claims Cruise has kept them in operation. 

Cruise gives out coconut cakes every Christmas

For almost a decade now, Cruise has been sending out the White Chocolate Coconut Bundt Cake from Doan’s Bakery to his friends in Hollywood. This cake received rave reviewsJimmy Fallon called it “The Greatest Show on Earth”. “unbelievable” and Kirsten Dunst saying it’s “one of the best cakes I’ve ever had.” Rosie O’Donnell succinctly said that “Christmas is here when Tommy’s gift shows up.”

Cruise, who is famous for his strict diet and workout routine, said he doesn’t eat a lot of sugar when he’s getting ready for a role. Cruise joked about how he can live in the company of his friends by sending them cakes.  

“I send [cakes] to everyone… and I wait for the calls [from friends],” The actor laughed. “I’m like: Tell me about it.” Cruise orders his cakes from Doan’s, a small family business in Woodland Hills, California. 

Cruise to the Cake was introduced by a celebrity

Eric Doan, who runs the bakery with his mother, recently spoke to Yahoo about the impact Cruise’s patronage has had on their business. “Over the years of Odin Productions [Cruise’s company, through which he orders the baked goods] gifting it, it’s taken on that moniker of the ‘Tom Cruise cake,’ if you will,” Doan shared

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According to him, though, Cruise wasn’t the first celebrity to discover the coconut cake. “[It] “was probably Diane Keaton, if you want to know the truth,”He shared. Cruise was apparently introduced to the cake by Keaton and Katie Holmes, who starred in it. Mad Money together. 

Cruise was the one to taste each cake. He chose the cake from Doan’s and has been giving it out as a Christmas present ever since. 

Doan’s Bakery Owner Says Cruise ‘Kept Us In Business’

“This year has been a really rough ride,”Doan admitted. “[The connection to Cruise] honestly is one of the things that kept us alive.”He also credits the actor for keeping their small business open. “There were years [Cruise] kept us in business,”He said. Many people dream of living like the stars. This holiday season, you can celebrate like Cruise and his industry pals with a coconut cake from Doan’s!

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