Celebrities from ‘Summer House” Confirm their Relationships ahead of the New Season


Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke have elevated their friendship to the next level. The Summer HouseAfter months of speculation from fans, the stars of Bravo confirmed their official dating status ahead of Monday’s Season 6 premiere. Hubbard confirmed the news. Page SixWednesday, she and her longtime friend were reunited. “definitely dating,”Even if they aren’t using it, “girlfriend/boyfriend”Label just yet.

“We don’t really talk in labels, Carl and I … [But] we’re very much together. We’re very happy,”She told the outlet. “We’ve always had this thing for each other. Sometimes you’ll look back and be like, ‘Was I just filling the time until I was ready and he was ready?'”

Summer HouseFans will remember that the couple first tried dating in Season 4. However, their relationship ended almost as quickly as it started amid drunken arguments. Radke was inspired to quit drugs after his brother Curtis’s death from a drug overdose. Hubbard, however, was still dating Stephen. “Stravy”Traversie in the time.

“Timing is just an interesting thing. When we tried to date a couple of years ago, we were both in such very different headspaces. I honestly feel like I tried to cover up my feelings, but I don’t think those feelings ever died,”Hubbard agreed. Hubbard shared the following: Hubbard watched Radke live a sober life. “still the same Carl,”However, it is not alcoholic. “trigger”He has the worst things. “He’s still himself,”She shared. “He’s so funny [and] we have so much fun together. We speak the same language.”

“His sobriety has been a huge priority for him and it’s also been a huge priority for me,”She went on. “Obviously, we know everything about each other as far as friends – and that’s what makes such a solid foundation for us to be able to navigate his sobriety and [figure out] what his needs are in that capacity, in a new romantic relationship.”

Hubbard and Radke want privacy when it comes to their relationship. This is especially important considering how intense their Season 4 romance was. “Being able to do it again, but just blocking everything else out and really focusing on each other and spending time with each other without outside distractions, has been really helpful,”She said. “We wanted to keep our privacy private [for as long as we could]. We don’t get honeymoon phases anymore!” Summer HouseSeason 6 premieres Monday, January 17, 2009 at 9:59 p.m. ET on Bravo