Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge selling mail order shepherd’s pie for a whopping £80


Chef Tom Kerridge is flogging a shepherd’s pie dinner that comes in the post for a whopping £79.

The telly cook has cooked up the classic English dish at his award-winning pub The Coach in Marlow, Bucks.

But food fans will have to fork out nearly £40-head for the meal box grub.

Tom says: “We’re proud to use fantastic British ingredients and suppliers to make honest, comforting dishes, packed with big, bold flavours.”

The meal box comes with truffled Tunworth cheese gougeres, potted shrimp, cabbage to go with the pie and sticky date and toffee pudding.

Buyers are told by Tom: “Shepherd’s pie has been a favourite since I was a child. My mum would always add a bit of mild curry powder to hers, so I’ve made mine with an Indian spiced mash as a nod to my childhood – it works really well with the lamb”.

The shepherd's pie comes with truffled Tunworth cheese gougeres, potted shrimp and cabbage
The shepherd’s pie comes with truffled Tunworth cheese gougeres, potted shrimp and cabbage

And he’s also flogging a braised beef dinner with the same accompaniments and desert for £79.

Earlier this month he was slammed for selling his cook-at-home Valentine’s Day box for £185.

The Michelin-starred restaurant owner, 48, from Marlow, shared a link to buy his the meal kit on his Facebook page, where he boasted the kit has ‘everything you need to make Valentine’s super special’.

Tom defended charging £87 for steak in September
Tom defended charging £87 for steak in September

It included posh canapes including Cornish Lobster Tartlette with Rapeseed Mayonnaise, as well as a starter of Sourdough Tortano Loaf and Cultured Jersey Butter. The main course is Beef Wellington and the dessert is Traditional Sticky Toffee Pudding.

This news comes after the Tom defended charging £87 for a steak in September last year after being called out by a critic.

Wine expert Guy Woodward tweeted: “Website of The Hand and Flowers by Tom Kerridge: ‘Unpretentious’, ‘proper pub’, ‘for everyone to enjoy’ ‘relaxed and accessible’…

“Steak and chips: £87, side of cabbage: £7.50, creme brûlée: £26.50. And people complain about wine list mark-ups.”

Tom replied:: “Those prices include everything, VAT and service.

Tom uses "fantastic British ingredients" in his meal boxes
Tom uses “fantastic British ingredients” in his meal boxes

“No additional service charge at all.

“Also I pay staff properly and treat their job as a professional career.

“Perhaps the real cost of dining should be addressed.

“Unpretentious does not mean cheap.”

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