Celine Dion Allegedly ‘Overwhelmed By Stress’ And Struggling After Health Crisis, Unreliable Insider Says


Is Celine Dion‘s health in crisis? One tabloid claims the legendary singer has been crippled by the stress of maintaining her career without her husband. Here’s what we know about the “My Heart Will Go On” songstress.

Celine Dion’s ‘Health Woes’?

This week’s edition of Star reports Celine Dion is staying mum about the real reason she canceled her upcoming Las Vegas residency. Dion announced on Instagram that painful muscle spasms were going to make it impossible for her to perform, writing, “I have to focus on getting better.” But the tabloid reveals that it isn’t just the physical pain that’s holding her back. Rather, it’s her grief from losing her husband and manager René Angelil that is making her pump the breaks.

“René set up her previous Vegas residency that ended in 2019,” an insider explains. “It’s been really daunting for her to go out on her own and launch a new show without his guiding hand.” Compounding the stress is her upcoming Courage World Tour that had been shut down prematurely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “She wanted to get her career back in a big way, but the stress is overwhelming,” the source concludes.

Celine Dion Overwhelmed By Stress?

While we’re sure Celine Dion misses her late husband, we have no reason to doubt her statement explaining why she canceled her show. Muscle spasms are enough to make anyone, including superstars, unable to perform. And, from what we can tell, this development absolutely devastated Dion. “I’m heartbroken by this,” Dion wrote in her statement. “My team and I have been working on our new show for the past eight months, and to not be able to open this November saddens me beyond words.”

Dion is a veteran performer that has been touring the world for decades. She’s already gone on multiple tours since her husband’s tragic passing in 2016, so we doubt his absence is stopping her from going through with her latest residency. It’s just offensive to bring up his passing when it isn’t relevant at all. It’s obvious the tabloid just wanted to exploit Dion’s vulnerable time to sell magazines, and we’re not buying a word of it.

The Tabloids On Celine Dion’s Health

This wouldn’t be the first time a magazine has gotten it wrong about Dion’s health. Earlier this year, OK! reported Dion was living on “fruit and crackers” and doing “grueling workouts” for her latest tour. Then the National Enquirer reported Dion was trying to “fatten up” after years of being underweight. Then Women’s Day reported Dion was “back from the brink” after losing a dangerous amount of weight. Obviously, none of these publications has any insight into Dion’s wellbeing.