Celine Dion Rumors Say Friends Worried About Her ‘Emaciated’ Appearance, Singer ‘Wasting Away,’ Reports Claim


Should fans be worried about Celine Dion‘s health? Dion’s recent tour cancelation has multiple tabloids fearing the worst. Here’s the latest gossip about the “My Heart Will Go On” songstress.

Singer ‘Not Doing Well’ After Canceling Tour?

Last month, Woman’s Day reported Celine Dion’s health had taken a turn for the worse. Dion recently announced that she’d be unable to finish her already-delayed tour due to ongoing health issues. “No one seems to know what’s wrong. She’s absolutely crushed at having to cancel her shows, but more than that she’s very distressed over her situation,” an insider dished. But sources also suggested that Dion’s husband’s passing could be in part to blame for her fragile health. “[She’s] completely broken,” the insider added.

While it was true that Dion was forced to cancel shows because of her condition, we didn’t appreciate this tabloid claiming to have such personal knowledge about the singer. It was obvious that the outlet just wanted to profit off of Dion’s pain, so we had no reason to take it seriously.

Celine Dion ‘Looks Like She’s Wasting Away’?

Then, the National Enquirer raised its own alarms over Celine Dion’s health, insisting she was in even worse shape than she was letting on. “She’s been medicated for agonizing pain and she looks like she’s wasting away. It’s an all-out crisis!” one tipster spilled. And a doctor speculated that Dion’s “emaciated” looks were likely because of the pain she was experiencing. “When you’re in terrible pain you don’t usually have much of an appetite and since she isn’t able to exercise, that causes even more health issues!” the physician explained.

But it was the outlet’s habit of wildly speculating that told us all we needed to know. Obviously, the tabloid didn’t have any real insights into Dion’s health if it was relying on public photos and testimonies from unaffiliated doctors to build its case.

Celine Dion Urged To Go To Rehab?

Finally, the Globe reported Dion was down to a dangerous 100 pounds, and her waif-thin frame was the root of her health problems. The singer was apparently malnourished after refusing to eat a balanced diet, and she was in desperate need of intervention. “The collective view is that she needs to pack herself off to a wellness center where she can rest, get the counseling she so obviously needs, and be healed,” a snitch confided.

Of course, this offensive report was no more true than the others. Dion has caught constant flack from the media for her slim figure, but after so many years, you have to believe that it’s just her natural build. It’s absolutely ridiculous to claim to know more about Dion’s health than her own doctors. So, clearly, this was a major reach for the outlet.

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