Celine Dion, Supposedly ‘Too Weak To Sing’Anonymous Source: At Alleged 87 Pounds


Will Celine DionEver be able perform again? According to one tabloid, “My Heart Will Go On”Singer is fighting for her life. Let’s check in on Dion.

‘Skeletal’Celine Dion ‘Wastes Away’?

The latest edition National Enquirer reports Celine Dion’s health is worse off than she’s letting on. Back in January, Dion announced that she’d be canceling the remaining dates of her North American Courage World Tour due to unspecified muscle problems. But sources say the singer’s shrinking build is setting off alarm bells for those around her. “Celine is so frail. She has difficulty walking, let alone even thinking about performing,”An insider shares his secrets. “People around her are terrified. She just can’t seem to gain weight or even want to try.”

In fact, the magazine consults a physician who hasn’t treated Dion that thinks her muscle problems have been caused by her poor diet. “The muscle spasms are likely the result of hypokalemia, which is the result of dangerously poor nutrition,”The expert observes. “The condition also causes cramps, weakness, and in some cases paralysis!”

Sources speculate that it’s Dion’s grief over her husband’s death in 2016 that’s robbed her of her appetite. “She hasn’t been the same since, either emotionally or physically.”However, Dion could have ALS or MS if she is treated by another doctor. “Both cause nerve damage and devastating weight loss,”The physician warns. “In either case, she desperately needs hospitalization and treatment that could save her life!”

Celine Dion is OK?

This report is highly speculative, and ignores important context. First, the photo the outlet refers at the is called the “now” in this story’s “then and now”Comparing is completely obsolete. The photo was taken three years agoAt a 2019 fashion show. It’s incredibly misleading to present this as an up-to-date look of Dion when the image completely predates her tour cancellation. As Dion remindedPeopleIn 2019: “I’ve always been very thin.” So, there’s absolutely no knowledge to gain from looking at these old photos of Dion or having doctors evaluate them.

Furthermore, the magazine’s own “experts” can’t seem to agree on what’s ailing the singer. One says it’s her weight loss that’s causing her health problems, and the next insists it’s the other way around. Since the outlet can’t even stick to one narrative on Dion’s health, we are inclined to completely disregard its concerns.

And finally, it’s incredibly misleading to suggest Dion isn’t taking care of herself. The fact that she has stepped back from performing shows that she’s listening to her doctors and doing her best to recover. And from a recent video Dion posted in response to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, it looks like she’s doing okay. While we aren’t sure when or if we’ll ever see Dion tour again, it’s just wrong to act like she’s on her deathbed.

The Tabloid on Celine Dion

This is far from being the first time. National Enquirer has sounded false alarms for Dion’s health. According to the outlet, Dion was trying desperately to become a doctor last year. “fatten up”Maintain a healthy weight. The magazine then claimed that Dion planned her funeral after she cancelled tour dates. The publication also claimed Dion looked like she was. “wasting away.”It is clear that the Get in touch is exploiting Dion’s recent health problems to make a quick buck and never really had any concern for the singer’s wellbeing.

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